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Powerful support for mothers


Our services are designed to provide you with not only professional but also emotional assistance. As a mompreneur seeking a strong network, we offer not only programs but also loving guidance to help you make the best decisions for this phase of life.

Our comprehensive program offers a supportive community and practical resources to help mothers navigate the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Through workshops, mentoring, coaching, networking events, inspiring retreats, and online courses, we provide guidance on time management, self-care, flexibility, and career development. Join us to find balance, support, and inspiration on your journey as a mompreneur.

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What are your biggest challenges as a mother and entrepreneur?

How do you manage the balance between family and business?

What resources and support do you need to be successful?

How can you integrate your skills and experiences as a mother into your business?

How can you benefit from the community of other mothers and entrepreneurs?

What goals do you want to achieve regarding your business and family?

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Digital Online Course: Balance & Beyond: Mastering Motherhood and Entrepreneurship



Practical tips for organizing work and family, time management strategies, simple customer acquisition, and personal well-being.

Why you should book this workshop:

  • Gain concrete and actionable strategies for entrepreneurial mothers in the life of a mompreneur.

  • Utilize quick methods to meet the needs of mothers.

  • Receive valuable support and resources to continue successfully as a mompreneur with an existing or new business idea.


  1. "Discover Your Business Idea"
    Goal: Help mothers identify their passions, skills, and interests to develop a business idea that aligns well with motherhood. • Content: Creative methods for idea generation, market opportunity evaluation, and adapting the business idea to the lifestyle of a self-employed mother.

  2. "Effective Time Management for Mothers"
    Goal: Provide practical strategies for efficient time planning to balance work and family life. • Content: Time management tools, task prioritization, creating realistic schedules, and planning flexibility for unforeseen events.

  3. "Smart Working for More Family Time"
    Goal: Teach methods for mothers to work smarter, gaining more time for themselves and their families. • Content: Delegation strategies, task automation, effective use of technology, and creating a balanced work-life integration.

  4. "Self-Support and Self-Care"
    Goal: Empower mothers to actively support themselves and recognize the importance of self-care in their entrepreneurial journey. • Content: Building self-confidence, positive self-talk, overcoming self-doubt, and caring for emotional and mental health.

  5. "Building Support Networks"
    Goal: Show ways for mothers to build strong support networks, whether online or offline. • Content: Identifying support networks, networking strategies, connecting with other mothers and entrepreneurs, and building communities.

  6. "Wellness Emergency Kits for Mothers"
    Goal: Assist mothers in creating personalized wellness emergency kits to strengthen themselves in stressful times. • Content: Self-care routines, creating a personal wellness emergency kit, handling stressful situations, and practical relaxation tips.

  7. "Effective Marketing for Independent Mothers"
    Goal: Convey strategies for effective marketing to increase visibility and attract customers while maintaining flexibility in implementation. • Content: Personal branding, social media marketing, business networking, and creative marketing ideas for independents.

  8. "Long-Term Strategic Planning"
    Goal: Help mothers set long-term goals for their independence and develop a sustainable vision for the future. • Content: Long-term business strategies, growth planning, adapting to life changes, and planning for business succession management.


  1. "Business Ideas Generator" • Structured questions and exercises to identify personal strengths, hobbies, and interests as a foundation for developing a business idea.

  2. "Time Management Master Plan" • Practical guidance and checklists for efficient time planning to work productively while still having sufficient time for family and personal matters.

  3. "Support-Wellbeing Toolkit" • Step-by-step guide for building a personal well-being routine, including addresses for network meetings, the follow-up program, and the supportive community.

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2. Mentoring Program: New Beginnings Mentorship Program

Goal: The New Beginnings Mentorship Program supports mothers in planning and implementing their career realignment after childbirth.


  1. Individual Career Counseling:

    • Analysis of existing skills and interests.

    • Exploration of various career paths and development opportunities.

  2. Identification of New Career Goals:

    • Defining clear and realistic goals for career realignment.

    • Identifying career focus areas and areas for development.

  3. Assistance in Creating an Action Plan for Career Realignment:

    • Step-by-step guidance in creating a personal action plan.

    • Setting milestones and timelines for implementation.

Format: One-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced mentors from various industries to provide tailored support and guidance.

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3. Coaching Program: Mindful Motherhood Coaching Series

Goal: The Mindful Motherhood Coaching Series supports expectant mothers in focusing on their emotional health and learning stress management techniques.


  1. Coaching for Emotional Health:

    • Exploration and understanding of emotional needs during pregnancy and postpartum.

    • Building resilience and emotional stability.

  2. Stress Management:

    • Identification of stressors and their effects on well-being.

    • Learning techniques for stress reduction and relaxation.

  3. Development of Self-care Habits:

    • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through self-care and self-compassion.

    • Implementing self-care practices in daily life.

  4. Coping with Changes and Adapting to New Challenges:

    • Dealing with emotional and physical changes during pregnancy and postpartum.

    • Developing adaptation strategies for new life phases and challenges.

Format: Group coaching sessions, personal reflections, and practical exercises to create a supportive and interactive learning environment.

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4. Networking Events: EmpowerMoms Networking Events

In the Making!


Goal: EmpowerMoms Networking Events provide mothers with the opportunity to network with other working mothers, share experiences, and build support networks.


  1. Exchange of Experiences:

    • Opportunity to share personal experiences, challenges, and successes as working mothers.

    • Peer-to-peer support and mentoring.

  2. Networking Activities:

    • Structured networking sessions to make contacts and build business relationships.

    • Networking games and activities to promote informal conversations and relationships.

  3. Inspiring Talks by Successful Mompreneurs:

    • Presentations and discussions by successful mothers sharing their experiences in business and entrepreneurship.

    • Motivational stories and insights into the challenges and successes of being a mompreneur.

Format: Networking events, expert panels, informal meetings, and online discussion forums to provide a diverse and accessible platform for mothers to exchange and connect.

Would you like to receive invitations for these events? Reach out to us, and we'll ensure you're added to our list.

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5. Inspiring Retreats: Rise & Shine: Mompreneur Retreats

In the Making!

Objective: The Rise & Shine: Mompreneur Retreats provide mothers with a break to rediscover themselves, develop their leadership qualities, and build a strong support network.



  1. Self-discovery:

    • Reflection and self-exploration to identify personal goals, values, and strengths.

    • Self-reflection techniques and exercises to promote self-awareness and self-acceptance.

  2. Leadership Development:

    • Workshops and seminars to develop leadership skills and self-leadership.

    • Practical exercises to strengthen decision-making abilities and assertiveness.

  3. Creative Thinking:

    • Promotion of creative thinking and innovation.

    • Artistic expressions and creative projects for inspiration and self-expression.

  4. Networking:

    • Opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with other participants.

    • Networking activities and group discussions to foster exchange and collaboration.

Format: Multi-day retreats at inspiring locations with a blend of workshops, group discussions, meditation, and leisure activities to provide a holistic experience promoting personal growth and relaxation.

Would you like to receive invitations for this? Reach out to us, and we'll ensure you're added to our list.

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6. Online Courses: Flexible Futures: Online Courses for Professional Diversity in Motherhood

Goal: Flexible Futures Online Courses offer mothers flexible opportunities to advance their professional development during motherhood.


  1. Digital Marketing:

    • Fundamentals of online marketing and social media strategies.

    • Content creation and management for digital platforms.

  2. Virtual Assistance:

    • Skills and tools for effective virtual assistance.

    • Client communication and project management for virtual assistants.

  3. Creative Professions:

    • Idea generation and implementation in creative fields such as graphic design, writing, or crafts.

    • Marketing and monetization of creative projects.

  4. Work-Life Balance:

    • Strategies for effective time management and task prioritization.

    • Building a support network and coping with challenges of motherhood in the workplace.

Format: Self-paced learning with video lessons, worksheets, discussion forums, and live webinars to create an interactive and flexible learning environment that caters to the individual needs of mothers.

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