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Radiant Bloom - Unleash Your Full Power as an female Entrepreneur

Are you ready to experience the prime of your entrepreneurial journey?

Radiant Bloom is more than just a startup program - it's a transformative journey designed specifically for aspiring female entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial idea or who want to embark on this journey together as a group.


In this program, you will unfold your full power by strengthening your personality, clarifying your vision, and laying a solid foundation for your successful business.

This program designed for a 5-month duration with a summer break.

The next rounds will be open on 24/04/2024 and 29/09/2024.

Pre selection starts now! 

What to expect:

  • Monthly group workshops

  • Bi-monthly group work sessions, inclusive of Q&A

  • Two exclusive 45-minute 1-1 mentoring sessions with me, both at the beginning and end of the program

  • Dedicated WhatsApp support and exchange exclusively for program members, where I'll promptly address your queries, go live in the group, and share valuable tips throughout the journey.

  • Additionally, we're excited to bring in experts who will share insights and support you on your dance journey.

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A) Self-Development and Goal Clarification - The Roots of Your Vision

  • Deep Relaxation and Meditation: Immerse yourself in the peace and clarity of your inner world to receive your vision.

  • Personality Analysis: Discover your unique strengths, talents, and potentials that distinguish you as an entrepreneur.

  • Vision Development: Shape the vision for your business with powerful visualization techniques and goal-setting methods.

  • Values and Mission: Define your entrepreneurial values and your mission that guide you on your journey.

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B) Creative Unfolding and Profiling - Unique and Visible in the Market

  • Branding Workshop: Develop a distinctive branding with professional support that reflects your personality and vision.

  • Storytelling: Learn to tell the story of your brand and your vision captivatingly to inspire your target audience.

  • Online Presence: Create a professional website and use social media to increase your visibility and maximize your reach.

  • Networking: Build valuable contacts and partnerships with other female entrepreneurs and experts.

C) Business Idea and Implementation - Planting the Seed of Your Vision

  • Idea Generation and Creativity: Discover innovative business ideas that combine your passion with your potential.

  • Business Model Development: Create a structured business plan that puts your business idea into action and paves the way for success.

  • Financial Planning and Resource Management: Learn to control your finances, effectively utilize resources, and sustainably finance your business idea.

  • Presentation Techniques: Present your business idea confidently and convincingly to attract investors and customers.

  • D) Personal Empowerment and Self-Confidence - Strengthening the Inner Sun

  • •Building Self-Confidence: Overcome mental blocks, strengthen your self-confidence, and mental resilience.

  • Mindset Training: Develop a positive mindset for success and learn to deal constructively with challenges and setbacks.

  • Communication and Negotiation Skills: Strengthen your communication skills and learn to negotiate confidently and effectively.

  • Leadership Development: Develop your leadership skills and inspire your employees and customers.

E) Global Perspective and Vision for the Future - Broadening the Horizon of Your Possibilities

  • International Market Analysis: Identify global market potentials and explore new business areas for your company.

  • Export Strategies: Learn to successfully market and distribute your products and services abroad.

  • Intercultural Competence: Develop intercultural skills to collaborate successfully with people from different cultures.

  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Integrate sustainable practices and social responsibility into your business management.

Arrange a free consultation and learn more about the Luminary Ascent program.

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Die Zusammenarbeit mit Jiaran hat mir in unsicheren Gründungszeiten mehr Sicherheit gegeben.

Durch ihre kreativen Tipps konnte ich mit meinen Ängsten besser umgehen und auch größere Challenges gut meistern.

Ihre internationale Erfahrung hat mir geholfen, auch mal etwas über den Tellerrand zu schauen und neue Ideen und Strategien zu entwickeln. Ich würde sie jederzeit wieder konsultieren, gemeinsam sind wir ein gutes Stück vorangekommen.“

Julia.S, Founder of Queen of Green.

Julia S. looks at the camera.
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