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Intercultural Aspects for International Startups
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Ideal for Startups, E-Commerce, Corporates, Product Owners, and Service Companies planning to expand their brand across geographical and cultural boundaries.

Are you a start-up looking to expand your horizons? Is it the uncertainty of exploring unfamiliar cultures that’s holding you back? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are trying to expand from Europe to China or vice versa, I will guide you on how to successfully enter and grow in a new market with the right cultural strategy.

Cultural differences in new markets could be in the form of language, values, traditions, beliefs, work ethics and attitudes. Therefore, it’s imperative that such cultural diversities in your target market are critically appraised and integrated into your strategy.


Key topics:
• Understanding cultural aspects of new markets; Europe & China
• How to select a market & the process of new market entry
• The timing: when to expand into a new market
• Building a strategy based on cultural and communication differences
• Market entry methods: Exporting, Licensing (Franchising), Acquisition, Partnerships and Alliances, The Greenfield Venture
• Identifying niche markets across international borders
• Idea and Product Development; Different Concepts for Different Audiences
• How to conduct market research on your potential customers; know their problems and possible solutions

Culture can be a delicate topic to explore. The probability of what’s considered a norm in one culture to be considered offensive in another is quite high! That’s why implementing a right cultural strategy is important for any business looking to capture a new audience.

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