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Startup Growth Special

Programme Content:

  • Idea Development

  • Market Fit Strategy

  • Investors and Fundraising

  • Internationalization; Intercultural Differences and Strategy

  • Matching

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Digital Marketing and Communication


Choose your package and enroll today:
1. Workshop (90 minutes, 3 Hours, 8 Hours)

starts with 3500€ net excl.20% VAT

2. Extension package (Individual process)

Do you know why more than 80% of startups fail within the first three years? One key reason is wrong market research. Investing in a startup whose launch road map and marketing strategies are influenced by inaccurate market data is basically setting it up for failure.

If you are a start-up with fresh investment, your primary focus may be on the product or service you’re offering and its expansion, as it should be. But, have you given thought to what you don’t offer as well? A successful start up will clearly distinguish what it can and cannot provide, from the beginning. It will then follow a unique market-driven action plan to milk the maximum output from the allocated funding, all the way up to the launch and thereafter too.

Sounds complicated? Fear not, we’re here to help! Our ‘Startup Growth Special’ business mentoring programme is specifically designed to guide your startup on how to formulate strategy, how to conduct effective market research, how best to deal with investors and cooperation partners, how to talk to customers and many more insights needed to grow your business successfully.

Want to get started now and book a 1-1 VIP mentoring? Contact us today!

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