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Bloom for CEOs & Entrepreneurs

With lots of tips on mindfulness, balanced flow, bravery, joy, fulfillment, creativity and neuroscience, this programme is tailormade to help you shine.

3 Months

Live Group Mentoring

Places are limited. Request more information by email.

Next group opens in Fall. 

Last 1-1 VIP spot!

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As a thriving CEO or a blossoming entrepreneur, you are faced with many challenges more than most people realize. Sometimes, it’s not the lack of motivation or expertise that is making life difficult, but it is a variety of external factors which are beyond your control.

But how are you handling such situations? Are you going to pretend you’re not affected and continue until you eventually burnout from fatigue and frustration? Or are you going to figure out ways of tackling these challenges more effectively? Through Bloom I want to show you how to transform your frustrations into positive energy to drive your growth, personally and professionally.

I will mentor you on how to achieve a balanced flow and fulfillment as a leader, on how to be in flow and stay grounded as an entrepreneur while striving for success, and on small but effective techniques to use throughout the day to feel better, have more energy or be less anxious. I will guide you on how to engage with others without being stressed out, how to stay calm in a demanding work environment, how to live a more balanced life with a problem-solving attitude and most importantly, how to be good to yourself because you are so important to many others.

Possible program List for Bloom for CEOs & Entrepreneurs 3 Months
These plans can be further custom
ized to fit the specific needs and preferences of the participants:


Month 1: Achieving a Balanced Flow and Fulfillment as a Leader

  • Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Identifying common leadership challenges and their impact

  • Developing strategies to overcome challenges

  • Techniques for managing stress and pressure as a leader

  • Cultivating emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Enhancing interpersonal skills for better communication

  • Strategies for building and maintaining healthy professional relationships


Month 2: Being in Flow and Staying Grounded as an Entrepreneur

  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and embracing change

  • Defining personal and professional vision for success

  • Identifying common challenges faced by entrepreneurs

  • Strategies for problem-solving and decision-making


  • Understanding risk assessment and risk management

  • Developing strategies to navigate uncertainty in business

  • Building Resilience in the Face of Failure

  • Embracing failure as a learning opportunity

  • Techniques for bouncing back and staying motivated


Month 3: Small Techniques for Daily Well-being and Personal Growth

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

  • Techniques for incorporating mindfulness into daily life

  • Developing a Positive Mindset

  • Cultivating a positive attitude and optimistic outlook

  • Techniques for reframing negative thoughts and self-talk

  • Importance of self-care for entrepreneurs

  • Strategies for maintaining work-life balance and avoiding burnout

  • Celebrating Success and Reflecting on the Journey

  • Reflecting on the mentoring journey and personal growth

  • Celebrating achievements and setting future goals


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